Time for Change!

Change has been a catalyst for me in my life learnings.One thing I’ve learned about change over the years is that it’s usually uncomfortable, it’s often challenging, and sometimes difficult to adapt to. Over the last four months, I’ve embraced many changes in my life, which is why this blog has taken me so long to write. The biggest change is the one that took place over winter break with our recent move to Colorado Springs. My husband, Geoff, and youngest son, Keerin, and I have made Colorado Springs our new home. We love it here! People have asked me what brought us here. After long explanations, it finally occurred to me—God brought us to Colorado Springs.

The last eight years, Geoff and I have wanted to move back to Colorado but it was never the right timing. Last summer, the three of us visited Colorado Springs and we knew then that we wanted to move here. We prayed about it and left all the details in God’s hands. If it was His will, He’d gracefully bring everything together for us with the right house in the right neighborhood at an affordable price. We also needed an opening at the school we had chosen for Keerin, and a transfer with the company Geoff works at. That’s not too much to ask for, right? I guess not because four months later, here we are!

Moving sounded exciting in the beginning but there were a lot of challenges we all underwent. One of the biggest challenges for me was leaving my family behind. It was very difficult to do. It brought me heartache and pain to leave my family. I grieved the loss of my family for several months. Another challenge I had to overcome when we moved was to obtain a new house, site unseen, for us to live in. Then, there was packing up the old house, saying goodbye to friends and my church, driving fourteen hours in unfamiliar weather conditions, moving into a new city and not knowing anyone, and having to learn my way around a new area. If you’ve ever moved away from your family and friends to a place you’re not familiar with, you understand.

The night we pulled up to our new house in Colorado Springs was cold and dark. There were no streetlights lit up on our block nor a porch light on to welcome us home. As I walked in through the front door of our new house, feeling exhausted and hungry and anxious to see what it looked like, I entered with high expectations. Continue reading