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What does Spiritual Psychology and Seeing the Loving Essence have in common?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is LOVE? Where does LOVE come from?” I’ve asked myself these questions before. My background is in Spiritual Psychology. Many people have asked me over the years, “Bobbi, what is Spiritual Psychology?” My friends and colleagues have encouraged me to share Spiritual Psychology and how I apply it with my clients and in my work and in my personal life.

So, as I sat down to write this blog,it came to me to share with you the first three Principles of Spiritual Psychology. You may be thinking, “Okay Bobbi, Spiritual Psychology sounds interesting but what does it have to do with Love?” I’m glad you asked. 

There are 33 Principals of Spiritual Psychology. I’m going to share with you the first three Principals.

Principal #1: God is everything in existence both seen and unseen.

Principal #2: The nature of God is Love.

Principal #3: Since we are all a part of God, our essential nature also is Love —and we have the opportunity of knowing our Loving nature experientially, Here and Now.

When I first learned the first three Principals of Spiritual Psychology in 2002, I knew in my soul this was truth. I knew that no matter what religion someone practiced or their belief most human beings can agree that God is in everything and everyone and, God’s nature is Love. If I am made in God’s image, then my essential nature also is Love. Light bulb went off!

Since learning and applying Spiritual Psychology Principles and Practices in my life, I have personally experienced countless times my own essential nature as Love; in my relationships, in my work, with myself, hiking in the mountains, with my dogs, people I pass in the street. In my life, Love healed my wounds from divorce and transformed me. Love is why I reconciled with my children and wasband (which I wrote about in my book, RECONCILED). Love is why I started Blended Families United. I would not be who I am today had it not been for me connecting with the Loving Essence within myself and knowing myself as Love experientially.

The Love I talk about isn’t a romantic love, like people celebrate on Valentines Day, but the Love that is our essential nature. The Love that is in our DNA, that we are ALL born with. I would like to share with you a basic skill in Spiritual Psychology that I personally practice and teach my clients in the heart-centered communication work that we do. This basic skill is a way for you to experience that Loving Essence within yourself that Principal #3 describes.

The first basic skill is called Seeing the Loving Essence Within Yourself and the second basic skill is called Seeing the Loving Essence With Your Partner.  These two basic skills are not really a skill but an attitude, a Way of Being. They are shared freely with all, they are the foundation of caring relationships and the essence of all Healing and Connecting. You can practice these two skills when you’re in a conversation with yourself, with your partner, your kids, stepkids, friends, family, co-parents, colleagues. You get the picture.

Seeing the Loving Essence is about seeing ourselves and others through the eyes of our soul—the eyes of Loving. Two Souls in communication is Heartfelt Loving. In this sense, Seeing the Loving Essence is not really a skill but an attitude, a Way of Being. And, this attitude, shared freely with all, is the foundation of caring relationships and the essence of all Healing and Connecting.

The Purpose of Seeing the Loving Essence is:

1.  Provides an opportunity for attuning to your Spiritual Heart.

2.   Assists each partner in cultivating the qualities of Acceptance,   

      Compassion, Mutual Respect, and Unconditional Loving.

3.   Encourages two Souls, Spiritual Beings having a human experience, to 

      share the Loving, Healing, and Grace that are naturally present when we

      open our Hearts to ourselves and to each other and share the Essence of

      who we truly are, LOVE.

4.   Provides an opportunity to experience a safe and sacred space from

      which Heartfelt caring and honest communication can be shared and

      open communion can be experienced.

May you be blessed with Seeing the Loving Essence Within You, and may your partner be blessed with you Seeing the Loving Essence With Them.



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