Mindfulness SELF Care During the Holidays: 3 Spiritual Practices to Nurture Your Mental Well-Being Through the Holiday Busyness!

By Bobbi Brooks Wilcox

Hello Beautiful Souls!

As fall transitions into winter and we near the end of another year, gratitude comes forward for me. I am grateful for the many blessings this year has brought me and my family. We sold our home in Colorado Springs and moved up into the beautiful mountains of Woodland Park, CO, known as, “The City Above the Clouds”. Seeing the beauty every day that’s all around us on our 2.3 acre lot with Aspen groves in our back yard, and views of the Pike’s Peak mountain have been a joy and a blessing. God blessed us with our mountain dream home after waiting for years for the right time to move. I watched the leaves in our neighborhood turn yellow to red and the wind blow them off the branches like rain drops falling on the ground. What a joy!

With winter around the corner, I am looking forward to Christmas. Christmas is my favorite holiday! What is your favorite holiday season? What I LOVE most about Christmas is decorating my home with holiday decorations, stringing lights on the tree and house, gathering with family and friends, baking sugar cookies and banana bread and gifting them to my neighbors and friends, wrapping gifts, and connecting with people. Everyone seems to be the most cheerful this time of year.

The holidays can also be a stressful time for people between work and school schedules, shopping for the holidays, planning or attending holiday parties and family gatherings, child exchange if you have children that go back and forth between more than one home, traveling, and school functions. The holidays can also be a time of sadness for some with the passing of a loved one or being separated from family and friends that live miles apart. It’s important to acknowledge whatever you’re feeling during the holidays whether it’s joy or sadness or maybe both. And, it’s essential to nurture your SELF care; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically during this time of year.

SELF care is important to all of our health and well-being. Mindset SELF care, for me, is essential. How we think, talk, and listen to ourselves within is where it all begins. How are you listening within? Do you tune into the negative thoughts and judgements about yourself, someone or a situation and then feel angry, irritated, or overwhelmed? Are you aware of the positive self-talk and negative self-talk that takes place inside? Are you attuned to listening to your intuition, Spirits voice, intuitive information?

I’ve put together three spiritual practices that I do daily that assists me in creating and developing a positive mindset. The first spiritual mindset practice I do each morning sets up my day with intention and peace. The second spiritual mindset practice I do assists me in reducing stress or anxiety that show up during the day. The third spiritual mindset practice distresses me at night and helps me relax at night before I go to sleep. I’m sharing these spiritual mindset practices with you, may they be a blessing to you as they have for me.

3 Spiritual Practices to Nurture Your Mental Well-Being Through the Holiday Business!

Morning Spiritual Practice: Start your morning with 10-15 minutes for yourself. Try these three things: 1) First thing when you awake, before getting out of bed, spend 5 minutes in the quietness and stillness of the morning with God, Spirit. Ask for Spirits assistance, guidance, direction, support, and protection through your day, send love and light ahead and give thanks (meditation, prayer, and gratitude also work). 2) After you get out of bed, spend a few minutes reading affirmations that inspire you (write your own affirmation, read a poem or uplifting quotes). I write my own affirmations and keep them by my bedside. 3) Spend a few minutes after you get out of bed to stretch your body (movement is good for the body, mind, and soul (you can go for a walk, do yoga, or exercise, it’s a bonus). I like to stretch my body right when I get out of bed for a few minutes and then I go for a walk in my neighborhood.

Mid Day Spiritual Practice: Pause throughout your day and ask for Spirits Assistance. 1) Pause when you feel overwhelmed or stressed. 2) Breath. Take a deep breath in and release (repeat as necessary). 3) Reflect on how you are feeling. What thoughts are going through your mind? How do your thoughts make you feel? Be aware of any negative self-talk and shift it. Sometimes I get up and walk around, it helps me think better and process things. 4) Accept whatever is taking place in the moment. Let it go for now. Is it worth being upset and giving your power away? Acceptance is the first spiritual law. You take back your power when you accept what is. 5) Next Step. What is your next step? How can you move forward with grace? Ask for Spirits assistance and guidance in the situation. Spirit always gives me a sign or shows me my next step in unexpected ways through a thought, a song, a memory, a conversation.

Nightly Practice: Decompress at Night. Create a bedtime ritual. Here are some suggestions: – 30 minutes before you usually go to bed, shut off all devices. – Take a hot shower or a bath with Epson salt. – Drink 8 oz of water or hot herbal tea. – Read uplifting book for 15 minutes or longer. – Give gratitude for the blessings and learning’s of the day (pray, read affirmations). – Give yourself some time to unwind, decompress from the day and to relax. – Give thanks for your day (pray, meditate, or set a bedtime intention).

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