About Bobbi

Bobbi is the Founder of Blended Families United (www.blendedfamiliesunited.com), author of RECONCILED, Spiritual Counselor, and Blended Family Coach. She is a registered unlicensed psychotherapist in the state of Colorado, ordained minister, and is a member of the Stepfamily Mastermind group, and Stepfamily International.

In addition, Bobbi is a writer, blogger, and has a YouTube Channel Bobbi Brooks Wilcox where she provides helpful tips and steps on Self-Love, Self-Care, Heartfelt Communication, and other themes from her book RECONCILED. She has written various material and booklets on effective communication and listening skills and facilitated various self-help workshops.

Her work with blended families includes facilitating The Smart Stepfamily Marriage study groups and The Smart Stepfamily educational course by Ron Deal, and classes from Smart Steps for Adults in Stepfamilies from the National Stepfamily Resource Center. Bobbi was also an online mentor from Focus on the Family, has broadcast her own radio talk show, Healing Hearts Talk Radio, led a DivorceCare Ministry at her church, and blogs about blended family relationships and self-care from her book, RECONCILED at (www.bobbibrookswilcox.com).

Bobbi is the mother of three children and a loving grandmother. In addition to enjoying time with her family, she is a lover of the Colorado Mountains where she hikes, bikes, and camps. When she isn’t exploring the Rocky Mountains you can find her baking gluten-free cookies or read uplifting books. Bobbi and her husband, Geoff, have been married since 2005 and live in Colorado Springs with their son and their two dogs. Find resources, study groups, and educational class information at www.blendedfamiliesunited.com

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