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The Prayer Wall

Have you seen the movie, War Room? It's an inspiring story about the power of prayer. A woman's marriage is crumbling when she meets a new client that challenges her to establish a "war room" and a battle plan for prayer. The woman is encouraged to step out in faith and through her faith and… Continue reading The Prayer Wall

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10 Practical Strategies for Combining Holiday & Blended Family Traditions

Eating Thanksgiving meal at Grandma's house. Opening presents with your children on Christmas morning. Celebrating the New Year with family and friends. Traditions are important to us because they connect us to our family, and the expected custom or ritual provides security in our lives. When traditions are broken or changed, something dies inside of… Continue reading 10 Practical Strategies for Combining Holiday & Blended Family Traditions

Blended Families, co-parents, Divine Spirit, stepdad, Stepfamily, stepmom

Co-Parents Answered Prayers

Today is my daughter and my wasbands birthday. My daughter surprised us 27 years ago and decided to arrive two weeks early on August 9th...her father's birthday. Happy birthday to both of you! This blog is dedicated to my daughter and my wasband. If any of you have read my book, RECONCILED: A Story of Divorce,… Continue reading Co-Parents Answered Prayers