Free Blended Family Resources

Blended Families United FREE Online Resource Center

Blended Families exists to help build blended and blessed family relationships to thrive…because CHILDREN MATTER!  We believe it is possible to create collective and collaborative blended stepfamily relationships by keeping the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. The FREE Online Resource Center provides faith-based and heart-centered links to helpful articles, books, support groups for both local and National, and more. Here are some links to helpful resources:

Hope for Separation and Divorce

Single Parenting Success

Helping Children of Divorce

Cooperative Co-parenting

Remarriage Success

Building Blended & Blessed Stepfamilies


Spiritual Growth 

“Faith is required when we cannot see beyond what is in front of us. Faith gives us the courage and the strength to move the mountains in our lives. Faith is an act of trust in a higher and greater power than ourselves. We cannot thrive without faith. Faith is at the core of our inner being.”

By Bobbi Brooks Wilcox.

Here are a few resources to help you in your spiritual growth.

5 Steps of Centering Prayer: A Spiritual Practice

Discipline of A Spiritual Heart

Finding Your Unique Life Purpose: Self-understanding

Personal Growth

“Personal growth comes from life lessons in the interpersonal conflict we suffered in trials, challenges, and conflict. Personal growth is acquired when we can see through optimistic eyes of opportunity and make a choice to take action in a positive direction. It is through our suffering that allows us the opportunity to persevere. It is making a conscious choice to learn something positive that came out of our experience.”

By Bobbi Brooks Wilcox.

Here are a few resources to support you in your personal growth.

What is A Peaceful Heart and Where Do I Get One?

Discipline of Thoughts: Hello Happy Place and Goodby Negative Thoughts

Conflict Resolution

We all face conflict. Conflict is part of life. But most of us weren’t taught growing up how to deal with conflict let alone resolve it. Here are some other helpful resources for conflict resolution.

Discipline of Healthy Communication: Dealing with Difficult People

The 4 Steps to Forgiveness: How to Forgive Through God’s Grace