Spiritual Counseling & Blended Family Coaching


What is Spiritual Counseling?  Spiritual counseling integrates religion and or spiritual psychosocial care and guidance. As a spiritual counselor, I help individuals along their path to personal and spiritual growth which may include helping you find life purpose, overcoming obstacles, see a new perspective of a situation, bringing unresolved issues into the light to heal, putting pain and grief into perspective, receive God’s grace, and self-love. My goal as a spiritual counselor is to help you reach a state of awareness and self-realization for healing through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Blended Family Coach I work with blended family couples (aka. stepcouples) who are seeking help with their marriage and relationship. Being in a blended family (aka. stepfamily) is messy and challenging. For example, is your co-parent driving you crazy, making things difficult to cooperate peacefully or being manipulative or controlling? Do you struggle in your communication with your spouse, children and or stepchildren? Maybe you feel torn between loyalty to your spouse or to your biological children. Perhaps your children and or stepchildren are giving you “GAS” (Guilt. Attitude. Silent treatment). There’s hope! I’m here to help.

What I Offer. I specialize in serving remarried parents/co-parents, stepcouples, and blended families (stepfamilies) who struggle with co-parenting issues, have ghosts from the past, and or are dealing with blended family issues, and I help them develop personally and spiritually so they can heal from the past, become more effective in their communication, and create healthy, happy, and meaningful relationships.

 My Credentials and Experience. I am an registered Unlicensed Psychotherapist in the state of Colorado and Ordained Minister. My education and training are in Spiritual Psychology, conflict coaching and mediation, and ministry leader. I offer online one on one Spiritual Counseling and Blended Family Coaching sessions through Zoom.


  • Women who are moms/stepmoms and have blended Families
  • Couples with Blended Family’s (Aka. Stepcouples)
  • Couples who are planning to blend their family

If you’re interested in Blended Family Coaching and or Spiritual Counseling, fill out the information below and include which specialty area you are interested in and I will contact you.

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