Why I Wrote My Book and Started a Blog

I was led by Spirit to write my book, RECONCILED: A Story of Making Peace with God, Self and Divorce, while vacationing with my blended family on an all expense paid Alaskan Cruise, gifted by my former husband (wasband).¬†During our time on the cruise, while conversing with the passengers on the ship, people asked me the reason for vacationing on the cruise. I shared my story of reconciliation with the wasband and our blended family vacation. People made comments like, “I can’t be in the same room with my ex, let alone a family vacation” and “Wow, you’re brave.” It was then that I had my, ‘Ah Ha’ moment. I realized this is the story God wants me to write about: to share with others how my wasband and my children and I reconciled our relationships after divorce. I’m thankful to announce my book was published June of 2016.

In 2010, while living in beautiful Rapid City South Dakota, I was inspired to write my first blog after watching the movie, Julie and Julia. If you’ve seen the movie and enjoy writing, you’ll understand the reason for my blog. My blog was called,¬†Resolving Family Conflict. I blogged four years on how to resolve conflict, after separation and divorce and in relationships. A lot happened during this time in my life. Not only had I began writing my book, I was the leader of a Divorce Ministry in our church, my husband and I facilitated a Resolving Everyday Conflict group in our home, and I was in the process of mending and reconciling my own relationships with my two adult children and their father all while raising our three-year-old son. Crazy right? It was clear God had a purpose for me in all of this. I eventually stopped blogging to finish writing my book. Continue reading “Why I Wrote My Book and Started a Blog”