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Heart and Soul is my creative expression for connecting my heart and soul with Y-O-U-R heart and soul. I believe that we are souls having a human experience and that God is LOVE which is everywhere and in everything. Since we are a spark of the Divine, our essential nature is also LOVE. My intention for this blog is to connect on a heart and soul level by sharing my Spiritual Awakening, learning, and experiences with you.

In this blog, I will share passages from my book, RECONCILED (Click to find out more), about my spiritual transformation, my soul’s journey, and the learning’s from reflection on past relationships which include my divorce and present relationships (see more below). I invite you to share your heart and soul feedback with me as we embark on this Heart and Soul journey together. Click “Follow Me” on my home page. Let’s do this!

…Your Navigator to Spirit-Centered Connection

I offer spiritual guidance and insight categorized in to three key relationship areas: relationships with Self (self-love), with Spirit (divine creator), and Intimate relationships (partnership, marriage, those seeking a romantic relationship). I have also written blogs regarding blended families, stepmoms, stepfamilies, conflict, and communication (See the categories listed in my blogs).

Blog Categories


Exploring what loving Y-O-U looks like through soul-centered eyes.


Connecting to Divine Spirit within for direction, guidance, assistance, and support.


Developing meaningful spirit-centered relationship that have heart and soul.

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Bobbi is an author and spiritual counselor based in Colorado Springs.

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