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RECONCILED: A Story of Divorce, Redemption, and a Blended Family United.

There are 35 million Americans in the US today who are remarried. There are another 30 million Americans who are divorced or widowed (who will remarry). More than 1 million children are affected by divorce each year. Divorced parents struggle to co-parent and more often than not the families have torn apart. Does this sound familiar?  

This is a story of one mother’s life lessons, answered prayers, and blessings after divorce. Through the power of prayer and self-examination, Bobbi takes you on a journey of renewed faith, redemption, reconciliation, and self-love.  

Discover the ability to achieve a healthy divorce, forgive someone who hurt you, and how to let go of guilt, shame, and judgments. Learn to move forward with grace and draw closer to the one who created you. No matter what parenting situation you are dealing with, children need their parents and stepparents to work together. This book demonstrates how co-parents can forgive one another, heal and reconcile their relationship, and cooperate collectively for their child’s best interest. Bobbi’s story illustrates how blended family relationships can be unified and built with the power of God’s grace and love. 

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