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Is Remarriage a Step in the Right Direction?

According to research on stepfamily statistics,  there are 35 million remarried people in the US. Another 36 million are divorced or widowed and would potentially be in a remarriage situation. 40% of all weddings in the US today are remarriages for one or both of those partners; most include children and create stepfamilies. 1/3 of weddings form stepfamilies because they have children from previous relationships. Remarriage is common everyday part of our culture. But why is “remarriage” common in our culture today?

The overall divorce rate in America is between 45-50%, the remarriage divorce rate (when at least one partner has been married before) has been reported to be 60%. “Simple Stepfamilies” (where only one partner brought a child or children to the new marriage) divorced at a rate of 65%; when both partners had children from previous relationships (“complex stepfamilies”) the divorce rate was slightly more than 70%. Remarriage, overall, has a higher divorce rate in America. So then, is remarriage a step in the right direction?

In order to make a step in the right direction for you and your children, you first must understand the challenges of stepfamily living and then make an informed choice about remarriage. If you’re considering remarriage the 10 factors for single parents to consider before stepping into a stepfamily is a great article from Family Life.

If you are already remarried and don’t want to end up in the divorce rate,  you might be thinking, “how can I prevent redivorce?”  We can prevent redivorce by first educating ourselves on remarriage success and smart stepfamily living. Second, we can equip ourselves with communication skills, prayer, and faith. Third, we can empower one another by connecting with other stepcouples for support and be a part of a church community that supports and helps stepfamily ministry.

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Blessings to you and your blended family                                                                                    Bobbi

4 thoughts on “Is Remarriage a Step in the Right Direction?”

  1. Love this article. Exactly why we just started To your last point, we couldn’t find any stepcouples to connect with and the churches in our area were very disappointing. We have made it our new mission to change that in our region!


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